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Dullahan Racing Team Update - Feb '24

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. This is our first monthly update from the team to keep our sponsors and other important individuals updated on the project's progress. Firstly, we would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters who have been backing the project so far. We appreciate your support and encouragement in making this project a success. 

5-Page Plan Qualification

On December 15th we submitted our 5-page business plan to the competition usually this will be used as the qualification round for regionals but this year due to there being no regionals it is being used as the qualifying round for the nationals for the National Finals. After a lot of patience, we finally received our result this past Monday of our Qualification to the National Finals In the University of Limerick during the first week of June.

Social Media

If you have not already seen our social media pages, they are @DullahanRacing on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (or X as they now call it), Facebook and LinkedIn. If you do visit any of the pages please feel free to give them a follow since we update them multiple times a week.

New Sponsors

For those that haven't seen any of the new sponsors on the social media pages here's a list of them, if you want to visit any of their pages/shops I have details in all of the Instagram posts for each business of where to find them.

  • Rise at the Cove

  • Brereton Carpets

  • Des Doyle Butchers 

  • Primal Survivor 

  • Create Schools


In the past few weeks, we have ordered new team wear made by Newry-based company Playr-Fit. In the end, we went for a classy black with some accents of the team's cyan colours with school and team logos. Eventually, we plan to add sponsor logos when the team wear arrives in the next few weeks. I have attached a photo of both the jersey and the quarter zip below.

Jersey Day 2024

On the 24th of Jan, we had a fundraiser in school for the team, the fundraiser was a jersey day where everyone in the school wore jerseys and donated €2 to the team. The event was a major success and we raised over €950 for the team. Due to this we now have a large part of the funds necessary to compete at nationals in place. 


The next month for the team will be very busy after the confirmation of our qualification for the nationals. We will be looking for more sponsorship from different companies, We will run another fundraiser where we will bring a simulator into the school for people to try out, The car will begin to be designed by our engineers Miguel and Deaglan in the coming days and will begin to write up our 10-page enterprise and engineering portfolios for the Nationals.

Many thanks,

The Dullahan Racing Team


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