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F1 in Schools - March Newsletter

Hi everyone,


We hope you're doing well. This is the team's monthly newsletter for March 2024. 

February has been a quiet enough month for the team due to the school TY musical the Addams Family taking half the team for either the cast or set design, Even with this difficulty plenty has been done over the last month 


Last Monday the 19th our Jerseys and quarter zips arrived from Playrfit, you may have seen them up on our socials if not I'll attach a picture of them below, they look fantastic and we couldn't be happier with them. 

ABEC 357

We are delighted to announce our new bearings partnership with ABEC 357. Located In Florida ABEC is a company that provides many teams in the competition with bearing for their cars if you would like to visit their website you can at


Caps were an idea that recently came into our head for the team and we've been in contact with companies over the potential chance of getting them, a final decision is yet to be made as of writing but I will attach an image below of our favourite option. 

TY Musical 

As of writing the cast of the show has completed two of three performances, Miguel our design engineer is playing Lucas, Eoin and Deaglan are on the backstage team and Lauren, Conor and Liam are all in the business team.

As a form of advertisement, the team sponsored the musical for half a page of the programme with information about who we are and what we do, with all current sponsor's logos and a team photo on the poster


The car has been coming along nicely in the past few weeks with the main body and halo of the first iteration of the car almost done. Hopefully, we will be able to test the car in a few weeks in a wind tunnel. All going to plan we should have a picture of a 3D printed version for you in next month's newsletter.

Many thanks to all the sponsors and everyone who has helped us so far in the competition.

Kind Regards

Conor Hawkins

Marketing Manager Dullahan Racing


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