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Friendship Week 2022

Our Friendship Week 2022 took place from Monday 19th of September to Friday 23rd of September

Friendship Week is always a special week within our school, with many different activities and workshops taking place. It has a focus on our 1st Years, enabling them to get to know more people in their year and make new friends after completing the big transition from primary school to secondary school, though all year groups take part over the week.

This year, a few of our highlights were as follows:

On the 19th and 20th of September, all 5 of our first year classes took part in the ‘Sticks and Stones’ workshop. This workshop educated them on anti-bullying, friendships and class atmosphere. The workshop also includes many fun activities including one where they acted out scenes in groups, recreating scenes of bullying and what to do in certain situations. They got to speak to everyone in their class in a welcoming and safe atmosphere, while also having fun and

being educated on school and social life. Well done all for getting involved!

Next, we had our poetry competition among our Junior Years (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), who's aim was to write a poem with the theme of friendship. We had some fantastic entries and choosing a winner wasn't an easy job but we are delighted to say that Dax Fulmer from 2nd Year is our champion with his poem titled "Friend Ship".

Our two runners-up were Teagan Mullally and Ava-Kate McDarby, both from 1st Year, with their poems titled "My Bestfriend" and "A Pretty Average Day for a Cub". Extremely well done to all who entered and took part!

Our art department then held a cap competition amongst the first years who were given a plain white cap and told to decorate it however they liked, with a preferred theme of friendship, with a partner. It was a fun way for them to get to know eachother and be creative, showing off their artsy skills! Some brilliant submissions were receieved.

We also held our Whole School Mass and our 2022 Presentation Day in our new Sports Arena this week, bringing us together as a whole school community and as friends where we all bonded and celebrated our achievements and school.


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