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Junior Girls GAA Sheild Final - May '24

On the 14th of May 2024, the two St David’s Junior Girls Teams played in matches which led to St David’s winning the Wicklow Sheild Final!

The first match of the day involved one of the St David’s teams against East Glendalough. Both teams knew that the winner of this match would play against the second St David’s team in the county final. St David’s first team to play put in an amazing effort against East Glendalough but were unlucky with opportunities and unfortunately did not win the match. East Glendalough then continued to play St David’s second team.

In the second match, St David’s started off significantly stronger. With early scores from Ella Andrews, Niamh O Neill, Caoimhe Davis, and Lena Gleeson. By half-time, they were ahead. In the second half, the great effort continued. The match ended 5-8 to 1-2  to St David’s. This was an amazing performance from the team as well as a strong fight put up by East Glendalough.

Report by Niamh Kelly (4th Year)

Photographs by Ellie Hall (4th Year)


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