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TY Chinese Calligraphy

The current TY Mandarin class had a workshop on the 28th of September about Chinese Calligraphy, taught by Evan Furlong. The class learnt about the diversity of symbols used in the Chinese language, that certain symbols may originate from the shapes of what they say, symbols that are similar to the English alphabet and different artists such as French artist Zao Wu Ki, Chinese artist Xu Bing and Taiwanese artist Tong Yangtze, who each have their own artistic flair such as Zao Wu Ki using symbols to create pictures.

The class used black paint and paper to make their “masterpieces”, they also used different shades of grey to define the foreground and background of their pictures. The class were given the opportunity to try to write these symbols themselves and they did an amazing job! We thank Evan for coming in and teaching the class about Chinese culture and it was a great learning experience for everyone.

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