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TY Trash to Trendy

Over the 20th and the 21st of October the TY’S participated in an hour-long workshop which discussed the effects of fast fashion on the environment.

The “field to fashion” workshop firstly discussed sustainable and non- sustainable forms of fashion. First of which was slow fashion; slow fashion is a form of fashion which was seen more so in older times and came with main positives such as;

• Transparent supply chains

• Natural and sustainable quality fabric

• Made to last items

• Ethical fair project

• More eco friendly

These factors are unfortunately often lost on the new more common type of fashion, fast fashion.

The TY’S were then taught of the dangers of fast fashion. How 60% more clothes are being bought then 30 years ago and the environmental effects from just one t-shirt can make. With this it was explained to the TY’s how the fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluter after oil.

Finally the TY’s were taught ways to be more sustainable through multiple means. By buying clothes and products made with sustainable materials such as; bananas, pineapples , mushrooms, organic cotton/linens/hemp , bamboo and fruit fibre.

To finish the workshop the TY’s where told to be more sustainable they should try to do 6 things when it comes to fashion;

  1. Buy less

  2. Wear what you have in your wardrobe

  3. Purchase sustainable

  4. Swap with others

  5. Thrift

  6. Rent clothes

To conclude, the Trash to Trendy workshop taught the TY’s the importance of sustainable fashion and how their spending affects the environment. Though some technical difficulties did occur , this was an interesting workshop which the TY’s seemed to enjoy.


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