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Under 19 Basketball Team Victory Versus Coláiste Chraobh Abhann

On Wednesday the 27th of September our under 19 girls basketball team travelled to Coláiste Chraobh Abhann in Kilcoole for a match. The under 16s were up first (you can find the report on this website) and then it was the under 19s turn to show CCA what David's are made of!

The Davids girls were on the ball straight away with Kenzie K running up for the layup. Ellie B caught the rebound getting David's their first basket. A brilliant shot was made from Aoife F on the left side of the court landing it straight in the basket. After a foul on Kenzie, she was given two free shots scoring one swish. Another foul was made on the David's girl Teagan B, she was awarder her two free shots and scored both. Kenzie weaved through the CCA players scoring a fantastic layup. Another 2 free shots were given to Teagan, who scored one.

At the start of the second quarter, an amazing three pointer was scored by Raquel! A quick pass from Kenzie and St David's had a brilliant basket from Teagan again. With another foul, Kenzie was given two free shots again, scoring both. Kenzie weaved through everyone for a second time scoring a brilliant layup. After a great rebound from Grace, she earned us another basket. Teagan flew up the court scoring us another layup. Kenzie dribbled it up the right side and got us another basket, leaving it 23-10 to St David's. Another three baskets by Kenzie widening the gap in the score. A lovely one-handed shot on the right side from Raquel followed soon after. After a pass in from Raquel at the backline, Teagan got a fantastic swish which was the last basket of the game. David's girls won 20-35.

This was a great game played by all of the David's girls and well done to everyone who played!

Report by Ellie Hall (Transition Year)

Photographs by Lauren O' Leary (Transition Year)


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