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Arts Programme

Our arts programme has been designed to instil confidence and creativity within our student body. We believe in the development of the whole student and the power that the performing arts has in this regard. Running in tandem with the school's curricular music programme, which is very popular with senior and junior cycle students, the school's arts calendar encourages student participation throughout the academic year. The schools extensive renovation and extension works facilitates much of this. Our new Sports Arena boasts a state of the art stage and sound system, accommodating concerts, musicals and individual performances. 

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Ms Lorna Wilson is a maths and science teacher and holds an Assisstant Principal 2 role with the responsibility for Arts Coordination. Ms Wilson implements the school's Arts Programme. The arts programme includes a wide range of curricular, extra curricular and personal activities that our student body are engaged in throughout the academic year.

You can access a copy of the school's Arts Policy by clicking on the image to the left or by accessing the full list of the school's policies on our policies page.


From the '22/23 academic year onwards, our Transition Year students will run all facets of the school musical from production to performance. We also look forward to our annual Christmas carol service, our end of term concerts and Spring concerts. More details to come.

Key Arts Events 22/23

3 Schools

Christmas Carol Service

We are delighted to announce that the three secondary schools of Greystones will be coming together to celebrate Christmas.


In December 2022, St. David's Holy Faith Secondary School will host the event and choirs from St. David's, Greystones Community College and Temple Carrig will perform a selection of Christmas carols and songs at an ecumenical service.


The carol service will take place on 19th December 2022 in our new sports arena. Tickets will be available from the school offices.



In March 2023, the Transition Year students of St. David's will perform Legally Blonde.


This production will involve teams of TY students including performers, stage designers, promoters etc. working together with their teachers to bring this exciting show to Greystones.


More details to follow in the new year.



Our final arts showcase of the year will take place at the end of April 2023.


The St. David's Music Club, Choir, dancers and performers (and maybe even the teachers!!) will all come together to showcase the breadth of exciting talent that exists in the school.


This celebration of arts will be open to the public and all are welcome.


You can keep up to date with all events, activities related to Arts by clicking on this image.

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