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Mission Statement

Ms Louise O'Sullivan 
Deputy Principal

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St. David’s Holy Faith Secondary School, Greystones, is a co-educational Catholic voluntary school established by the Holy Faith Sisters in 1906 under the inspiration of their founder, Margaret Aylward (1810-1889). We are committed to the Charter of our Trustees in the Le Chéile Schools Trust, a collaborative Trust comprised of
fourteen congregations including the Holy Faith Sisters.

Our school is situated in beautiful surroundings on the edge of the Irish Sea and seeks, through its very symbolism, to extend outwards in contemporary dialogue with the world. Our new school crest, new uniform, ongoing state-of-the-art building developments, and ambitious Sports and Arts programmes, and our vision for the future express our desire to enhance our partnership with all of our stakeholders and the local community. 

Our school offers:
- A welcoming, inclusive environment where each person is valued and finds their place.
- An innovative, creative, and holistic education which seeks to educate students to be independent, courageous, confident people who use their gifts and skills for the benefit of others and flourish in an ever-changing world.
- An established record of academic excellence where students can achieve their potential.
- An active consultative student voice exercised in and through our various initiatives across the whole school community and beyond.
- An ethos of service to those who are in need and a care for those on the margins of society and our world.
- A faith that expresses itself in celebrations throughout the year in ritual and symbol, in word and song, in which those of all faiths and none are encouraged and empowered to find meaning in their lives. 

Margaret Aylward’s passionate belief was that Faith was a treasure to be developed and nurtured and led her to insist: 


These schools will always be schools of Faith – a faith that is living and operative’

(Margaret Aylward, 1884).

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