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Student Committees

Growth Through Leadership

An ever increasingly important component of our student leadership intiatives are the many student centered committees that the school has developed. The committees are students led and additional to the other student liason groups in the school. The committees are facilitated by teachers with an interest in specific areas who guide the committees members as they persue certain extra curricular goals. This year, the Green Schools Committee, The Amber Flag Committee, The ICT and Digital Learning Committee, The Google Suite Peer Teaching Committee and Media Committee were the focus of the students' efforts. Below you'll find details of these committees and what they have achieved. The school is dedicated to student centered and student focused initiatives and believes in the development of initiative, leadership, team work and the christian values through the contributions to the school environment and the greater community that students make in the course of their work on these committees. 

You can find out more details about the many committees that the school has developed by clicking on the buttons below or by accessing the relevant page in the Extracurricular tab above. 

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