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Transiton Year

The Curriculum
Core Subjects

In St David's we recognise the potential for Transition Year to develop confident and focused learners in Senior Cycle. Our Transition Year curriculum is design to achieve this effect.

All students in St David's continue to study the core subjects of English, Irish and maths from September to June. . 

Examinations and assessment

The core subjects (English, Irish and maths) , along with continual formative classroom assessment,  are examined twice in the academic year through a summative exam, once after Christmas and once before the summer break. Parents recieve reports for these and all other subjects. All other subjects and modules are assessed by the class teacher through a variety of assessment models such as project work, presentations, creation and submission of media etc. This approach is in keeping with the guiding principles and recommended best practices for Transition Year students.

Modular Study

St David's Holy Faith supports Transition Year students potential to develop as confident learners though offering a wide and varied modular curriculum. In order to increase the diversity of opportunity available to students, we have devised a Transition Year curriculum that allows student to sample the full variety of subjects that will be available to them in 5th Year and also a host of additional subjects that students will not find on the Senior Cycle curriculum but that will benefit them greatly in their their critical thinking capacity. All modules are delivered in either base class groups or smaller, mixed groups on a rotational basis througohut the academeic year as either an eight week or six week course.

Below you will find a sample of the modules studied by students and the structure of the timetable for the academic year '23/'24

23/24 Academic Year

Please note that these subjects are not indicative of the subjects that will be taught in the '23/'24 academic year or in subsequent year. Transition Year Modules are taught subject to teaching availability and the needs of the students in any given year. You can click on the button below to download the latest version of this document.

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