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Transiton Year


Our TY programme is a refelction of the national Transition Year curriculum the guidelines for which are established in the NCCA document "Transition Year Programmes – Guidelines for Schools". It states that the purpose of Transtiion Year is "To promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative, and responsible members of society".


Transition Year in St David's is a dynamic and engaging year, one in which students are afforded every opportunity possible to develop themselves personally, socially and academically. Our TY calendar has been developed to ensure that students begin their Senior Cycle journey as confident, self motivated learners and with the maturity necessary to achieve their personal best during their remaining years in St David's and then in the world beyond.

The activities in Transition can be arranged into three categories: trips and tours, guest speakers and workshops.

Trips and Tours

Throughout the term, the Transition Year students attend various trips and tours away from the school campus. The tours are educational in nature, contributing to the development of the year group according to the principles of Transition Year. The trips are organised according to availability. Some of the trips are local, some are national and at Easter each year the students travel abroad for a cultural/historical trip, usually to a European destination. 

This year alone students attended:

- a cultural trip to Causey Farm

- sailing instruction in Greystones

- Ladies' Mini Marathon

- a team bonding day in the local G.A.A Club

- commuinty charity events

- community social initiatives 

- a cultural tour of Cork and Kerry

- orienteering in Russbourough House

- rock climbing in Dalkey

- Sports Day in the local G.A.A Club

We aim to ensure that our Transition Year students experience as much of the work outside of school as is possible.

Workshops hosted in the school included:

- Matrix personal development

- creative writing 

- Create Schools media production

- yoga classes

- drama workshops

- community social initiatives 

- H.E.A.T workshops

- self defense 

We aim to ensure that our Transition Year students experience as much of the work outside of school as is possible.

St David's aims to respond to the needs and interests of the students in any academic year.


When students are not attedning events outside of the school, workshops and activities are arranged for the students. Most of these workshops are facilitated by outside organisations who specialised in specific areas of developement. In St David's the workshop that we have found to be most engaging and beneficial are those that develop the leadership skills, personal and social awareness, creativity and health of our students. 


Events and initiatives are supported and promoted within the Transition Year student body through talks delievered by a wide variety of speakers. Students are given to opportunity to learn more about activities that they may be engaging in throughout the year or further detail about agencies and organisations that opperate at the local, national and international level.

We're alway delighted to welcome speakers into our school to talk about issues, initiavties and organisations that they are passionate about. 

Students are encouraged to make suggestions to Ms Courtney if there are areas that they feel passionate about of would liek to raise awareness for. 

We aim to support charity work, school activities and the personal, socaial and helath education of the Transition Year students supplemented with as wide a variety of speakers as possible throughuot the year. 

If you are a parent of a student in the school and would like to speak about an organisation or intitiave that you are involved in, please contact the TY team.

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