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Clubs and Societies

Extracurricular Activities

The teachers in St David's Holy Faith bring with them a wide range of expertise, knowledge and interest in a diverse range of pastimes and hobbies. Every year, our teachers establish extracurricular clubs and societies for the students, allowing them to engage in enjoyable and beneficial activities and share in these interests.


Our extracurricular calendar has been compiled to aid our students' ingegration within the students body, to forge strong and meaningful friendships with their peers and to develop positive relationships with their teachers. We also aim to further support the curriculum through a wide range of activities that develop necessary skills in certain subjects, for example, Young Scientist, Debating Club, Club Gaeilge, Club Francais and Club Espanol.

We strive to adjust and adapt our list of extra curricular activities every year in order to ensure that the needs and interests of our students are met and that every student in our school has the opportunity to engage with their peers and their teachers in a more relaxed environment outside of tuition time. 


Our extra curricular timetable is published annually, shortly after the beginning of the academic year. Please see below for a sample of the activities that St David's Secondary School offers. This list is subject to change from year to year.

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