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2nd Year 'Bully For You' Workshop

On Wednesday the 20th of September, the Second Years had a workshop about bullying with Kevin. He told them about many different scenarios that he has heard during his experience as a Garda.

He began by asking about bullying; “What is bullying?” ,“How often does it happen?”, “Is it an accident?”. He then listed the different types of bullying; verbal, physical, cyber and exclusion. He asks the students how bullying makes them feel and the answers were unanimous: “Embarrassed, upset, sad and depressed.”

Kevin got the class involved yet again by bringing James, a second year student, to the top of the Dining Hall with him to act out a scene, showing how being nice can make such a difference to someone..

Kevin played a video about a boy called Joe who was bullied but was too embarrassed to tell his parents so made a video of it instead. It's all fictional but very realistic.

He ended his talk about child pornography and urged them, when on social media, to un-add and block anyone asking them for anything they’re uncomfortable about. He told the students that 94% of girls under 18 get nudes requests. He warned the students to be careful and look out for each other and ends his talk.

All in all, it was a great, thought-provoking experience for all the second years involved.

Report by Mochara Hackett (4th Year)

Photographs by Tristan Gallery Martinez (4th Year)


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