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5th Year Biotechnology Workshop - April '24

On Thursday the 26th of April, the 5th Years received a genetic engineering and biotechnology lesson in their biology class. This is an Education Outreach Programme sponsored by Conway Institute and Amgen. They bring teachers to UCD to train St David's students. Ms.Cavey was one of these teachers. UCD trained her and gave her all the equipment needed to bring back to their school where she taught her 5th year students the basics of microtechnology.

Ms Cavey taught them the basic techniques of ‘Gel Electrophoresis’ which is a forensics experiment. It was really interesting for the students to see what is done with the DNA found in a crime scene. It was a really good programme to learn more about Biotechnology as it’s relevant to the Leaving Cert. course so it’ll be extremely helpful to them in the future. Thank you to Ms Cavey for hosting this programme!

Report by Gace McDermot (4th Year)

Photographs by Finn Morris (4th Year)


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