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"Allez les blues" - French Exchange in St David's!

For two weeks we had the pleasure of our French students immersing themselves in our school life and culture. It was nice to have the students in our school to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in Ireland and for us to learn about French culture in the process.

On Tuesday the 21st of February 21 TY students and their French exchange partners travelled to Dublin for the day. They started their day off by visiting 'Epic', The Irish Emigration Museum where they learned about Irish emigration all over the world, its impact, the stories of Irish emigrants who became politicians, scientists, writers, and much more. The French students also learned many new things about Irish cuisine, and Irish music and dance. Each student received a passport which they stamped as they progressed through the museum and learned new things. (Written by Allison Finnerty)

The French exchange students participated in learning Irish dancing and GAA. It was nice to see them learning about our culture and having a good time.

It was such an incredible experience having the French students here in our school, they will be missed!

Edited by Maisie Harte


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