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TY Ovoca Manor Retreat

On Tuesday, 24th January, and Thursday, 26th January, our TY students took an hour bus trip down to Ovoca Manor in Castlemacadam, Avoca, Co. Wicklow. Base class 4A, 4B and half of 4E went on the Tuesday and 4C, 4D and the latter half of 4E went on the Thursday.

Along the way, they were met with road works and tree felling which caused them to take minor detours but they got there in the end! They were warmly greeted at the entrance by the team and informed about what activities they would be doing throughout the day. The Ovoca crew explained to our students about the centre's religious morals and its significance throughout.

They partook in activities such as archery and team building exercises, as well as a workshop about peace and relaxation. Additionally, other activities took place which really tested their abilities and team work skills, like the Leap of Faith and Jacob's Ladder.

During the workshop, the students were asked to partner up and think of a peaceful moment in their life and their partner was to draw that moment from their description of that image. They were encouraged to discuss their peaceful moment to the class and share their peace with the room. After this they all stood in a circle and played a lighthearted game.

Here are images from this workshop:

With the activity, Jacobs Ladder, they were to work together in groups of 4 to reach the top . After much defeat and determination, all teams managed to make it to the finishing point of this log ladder!

Here are some photos from Jacob's Ladder:

The Leap of Faith was a tricky one, as they had to climb up to the top of the pole, 'leap' off and grab onto the bar a few feet in front of them. Some even decided to do some tricks on the bar!

Below are some captured moments from the Leap of Faith:

Some photos of one of the teambuilding exercises:

Overall, this was a great experience for out TY students and they all thoroughly enjoyed it!


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