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U16 Basketball Team Victory Secures them a Spot in the Quarter Final

On Tuesday the 10th of October, the St David’s U16 girls took on Greystones Community College in our sports arena.

The game commenced at 12.20. From the get go the girls were on the ball. St David’s put points on the board in the first 2 minutes thanks to Grace McDermott's basket. After the 1st quarter was over, St David’s Girls were up 14-2.

With great spirits going into the second quarter the girls were on a scoring streak and were now up 24-6 which brought them to half time. The last two quarters were quiet at times regarding scoring but there was a lot of action between both teams. The girls denied GCC on multiple occasions, not allowing them to score any baskets which lead them to a 28-6 victory.

Now they look forward to the quarter finals! Well done to both team and everyone who played and a big thanks to the amazing support on the sidelines from staff and students!

Photographs by Melissa Parry (4th Year)

Report by Shauna Siefried (4th Year)


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