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1st Year Google Skills Workshop

On the 13th and the 14th of December all First Year base classes took part in a Google Workspace Workshop. The workshop was led by Transition Year students, Ben Roth and Sammy Martin and it lasted two hours for each base class.

In this workshop the First Year students were taught how to use lots of components of the Google Suite such as, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Slides as well as  how to write an email through Gmail, formally and informally, to their teachers.

The students completed projects on both Google Slides and Google Docs to attempt to use the sites themselves. They also practised sending emails in the right format.

All the First Years enjoyed learning about the sites and using them to create short presentations and documents. These skills are important to learn at the beginning of secondary school as most of the work completed is done through Google Classroom and other sites in the Google Workspace. 

Report by: Niamhh Kelly

Photographs by: Maisie Grey

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