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Young SVP East Regional Gathering - April '24

Thirteen students from our Youth St Vincent de Paul (SVP) Conference travelled to Lucan Spa Hotel for the SVP Regional Day accompanied by Ms. O’Sullivan along with eight other schools. Each school had a stall which had to be decorated with their respective achievements. Students were then invited to the stage for a Q&A session. Una Kane and Rían O’Gorman spoke on behalf of our conference. Then, the singer/songwriter Georgia Gaffney treated us to four fantastic songs! Afterwards, the comedian and SVP Ambassador ‘Enya Martin’ came up to the stage and shared her amazing life-story with us all. All of the students had lunch until 13:30. Next, the Retail Sector of SVP gave us an informed presentation on ‘Fast  Fashion.’ The singer/songwriter Saibh Skelly then played three incredible tunes. The social justice advocate and Childline worker Laura Horan shared her astounding story of how she got to where she is now. The SVP National President Rose McGowan then concluded the day. We all left with goodie bags in a great mood!

Report by Rían O' Gorman (4th Year)

Photographs by Miguel Ramírez McMahon (4th Year)


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