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Art Exhibition - December '23

On Thursday the 14th Of December St David's hosted its first art exhibition . This night was all about the art that is created in the school and trying to keep up the ethos of art in the school by passing it on to future generations.

Great paintings and artwork made by the students were displayed throughout the school; some of these pieces included last years Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate pieces. There were the BLAST initiative students' art pieces, which have been in the making for the past two years. Food was prepared by TY Home Economics students and music was played by the music students on the night. 

Emma Mahony and Melissa O’Donnell, who are two great artists and both past students of Saint David's and now have children in the school, were present. They both talked about their experiences with art and being in the art room while they were in St David's and about how their love for art and experiences with their art teachers made them want to pursue it after school.

Overall it was a very enjoyable night and a huge thank you to all students involved, our two artist and especially Ms.Sheridan and Ms. Carey.

Report by: Sammy Martin

Photographs by: Poppy Mullaly



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