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Awards Night 2023

On the 23rd of September 2023 we invited our Leaving Certificate class of 2022/23 back to St David’s Holy Faith Secondary School for Awards Night. This was a great celebration of our Class of 2022/23 and their academic achievements.

The Class of 2022/23 and their families were welcomed with food and drinks, with the brilliant Kate Macadam playing on the piano as the guests arrived.

Mr Carey opened the night with a short speech highlighting the importance of the acknowledgement of academic achievements. Following Mr Carey's speech, one of our Deputy Principals, Ms. O'Sullivan, announced the awards for H1s in all subjects. Each student was presented with a beautiful piece of crystal stating their name and all subjects in which they received a H1 in. In last year's Leaving Certificate Exams, thirty two of our sixth year students received H1s in various different subjects.

After these awards were collected our second Deputy Principal, Mr Davies, announced the students that received the highest points in their exams, from each base class. In base class 6A, Ellie O’Malley received the award, in base class 6B, Brian Woods received the award, in base class 6C Roberta Shparuta received the award and in base class 6D, Duncan Gillespie received the award.

Four of the class of 2022/23 received the full amount of points achievable, 625 points. These students are Andrew Bowes, Duncan Gillespie, Ellie O’Malley and Brian Woods.

The final award, Paul Ellis award, which is the award for overall most points in the Leaving Certificate was awarded to Brian Woods, who excelled in every subject and received 825 points. Brian was rewarded with a standing ovation from his class.

To end the Awards Night 2023, Mr. Carey closed with a brief speech again appreciating the hard work and dedication of the 6th year students.


Report by Niamh Kelly

Photographs by Stella Doyle


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