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Debs Reception 2023

On Tuesday 19th, St David's hosted the Debs Reception and invited former sixth year students back to the school before the night of their Debs. Students began to arrive at 5pm in their gorgeous formal attire accompanied by friends and family. They were greeted by faculty members and past teachers in the foyer, balloons and banners decorated the walls to celebrated the evening.

Throughout the event, food and drinks were accompanied by fantastic piano from Miles Matthews O’ Connor. There to greet the former students was our principal Mr Carey and both vice principals, Ms O'Sullivan and Mr Davies.

After an hour of socialising and group photos, people began to leave the reception for their Debs.

Before the evening ended, Mr Carey left us with this quote on this event,

“It’s a celebration of the past and a journey into the future.”

Photographs by Senan Broughan (4th Year)

Report by Aoife Jansen (4th Year)


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