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Greenschools Committee 2023/2024

This year we have a brand new greenschools committee working towards getting our water flag, while keeping our current flag earned by the previous committees. Protecting and conserving water is going to be a big focus here at St Davids this year thanks to our hard working greenschools committee.

This year we have 35 TY students working on our greenschools committee, helping to keep St Davids enviornmentally friendly.

The committee this year is lead by our greenschools head Sofia McDarby, who was voted in along with 5 other students in leadership roles this year.

Although largely student led, Mr Ryan also has a big part to play in the committee and helps to organise events. Our greenschools committee has already been working hard, collecting recycling bins and planning future initiatives.

Great job so far to everyone invloved with greenschools so far this year!


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