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Junior Girls Rugby Blitz - October '23

On Thursday the 12th of October our junior girls rugby team traveled to Old Belvedere RFC to play a blitz organised by Leinster Rugby.

1st game against Mercy B for team 1

Holly Goodwin scored 2 tries in the first couple minutes of the game. Half way through the first half the score was 15-10 to David's. Evelyn made a great run and passed it off to Holly Goodwin for her fourth try. At half time the score was 20-20. Lexi made a good run to start off the second half. An amazing assist by Holly was given to Lexi to break the draw 25-20. Sarah Burn made a good tackle to stop Mercy B from getting a try. Holly Goodwin scored her 6th try of the match to finish the game. 40-25 to Davids.

2nd game against St Andrew's for team 1

St Andrew's started the game strong with their first try 0-5. A good tackle from Lexi to make an assist for Holly Goodwin making the score 5-5. At half-time the score was 15-10 to David's. Holly Goodwin scored five tries in this match. Sarah Walker got one try, Lexi Purcell got 2 tries. The game finished 35-40 to St Andrew's. A really close match for David's - just short of the win.

3rd match against St Louis for team 1

Holly Goodwin made a great assist to Isobel for the first try of the game 5-0. Leah Clancy,Holly Goodwin and Isobel Keatings made great runs in this match. The game finished 40-0 to David's.

1st match against Ardgillen Community College for team 2.

Millie started the game off with a try 5-0. Great tackles from Chloe, Charlotte, Maya and Millie in this match stopped Ardgillen Community College from getting any points on the score sheet. At half time the score was 10-0. At the start of second half Chloe and Ella got two tries. The game ended 20-0 to David's.

2nd match against Kings Hospital for 2nd team.

A good tackle from Charlotte started the game. Chloe scored the first try of the match 5-0 to David's. Ella scored two tries in the game. The game finished 15-15.

A big thanks to Ms Richardson for organising and bringing the girls to this blitz and well done to all of the girls who played and represented our school!

Photographs by Isobel Creane (4th Year)

Report by Áine Fitzgerld (4th Year)


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