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Margret Aylward Prayer Reflections - October '23

On Wednesday the 11th of October, St David’s Holy Faith celebrated Margaret Aylward Day. For those who don’t know, Margaret Aylward was the founder of the Holy Faith Sisters who founded our school and our neighboring primary school, St Brigid’s N.S. She was born in 1810 and dedicated her life to volunteerism and helping people affected by poverty. Wednesday the 11th of October is the day that our schools commemorate the anniversary of her death.

On Wednesday morning, at 11:45, a number of students read prayers over the intercom, commemorating Margaret Aylward. These students were:

  • Lauren O’Leary

  • Jamie Coyle

  • Lucy Coyle

  • Maria Hasett

  • Paddy Marinan

  • Mia Thompson-Ibánez

  • Sorcha Byrne

We hope to be able to celebrate Margaret Aylward for many years to come.

Report by Grace McDermort (4th Year)

Photographs by Ben Roth (4th Year)


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