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Open Night 2023/2024

On Tuesday the 26th of September the annual open night took place for the first time since 2019. The school welcomed huge numbers of sixth class students and their parents/guardians. Throughout the day, plenty of students from different year groups, but particularly transition years, worked very hard getting the school ready for the open night.

As the clock struck six forty five the doors were opened and people were welcomed in. Once the families entered they were welcomed by Mr Carey, Ms O’Sullivan and Mr Davies along with the student senior liaison team. They were then given a student to show them around the school and all the rooms. All of the different subjects, clubs and sports teams had a room to exhibit what they do in St David's. There were some very popular rooms on the night such as the Home Economics room and the science rooms. EAch family was guided around the school by a student ambassador who explained all of the rooms' functions and talk to prospective students about what they could expect when they join the school community.

Families kept streaming in throughout the night up until around quarter past eight, when all the families gathered in the dining hall and Mr Carey gave his speech about the school, school life and what it’s like to go to this school.

The open night finished at approximately nine o’clock when all students, teachers and families went home to rest after a long day of hard work getting everything ready for the night. I think everyone was excited to have this great school event back after not being able to have it for the past few years. Now roll on next year's open night!

Report by Finn Morris (4th Year)

Photographs by Ben Roth (4th Year) and John O' Neill (5th Year)


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