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Students' Fundraising Efforts

Please consider donating to our students' personal fundraising effort as they attempt to reach their goals and ultimately, to contribute to charitable causes.

Max Moody

Max has planned to go to Tanzania for one of his work experiences. His aim is to focus on eco system and wildlife preservation. He hopes to engage in lots of beach clean up and help to maintain healthy populations of turtles!

You can find all details on his personal fundraising page:

Grace-Anne Hassett

Grace-Anne describes her ambitious plan below:

"I am fundraising for CARA Projects which runs and supports The Cara Girls Rescue Centre (CGRC) located in Nairobi, Kenya. The project acts as a refuge for girls rescued from a variety of reasons involving physical, sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment or potential child marriage.

The project aims to create for the girls the opportunity to build self-confidence, give them vocational skills to enable them to be independent in their future lifestyle choices."

You can access Grace-Anne's page at the following link:

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