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Transition Year Rock Climbing - April '24

On Tuesday the 23rd of April 2024, TY class 4D went rock climbing in Dalkey Quarry. They got the DART into Dalkey straight after tutorial class. The day was split into three activities: orienteering, abseiling and rock climbing. The groups were split into two with one group would before switching to the other after lunch and vice versa.

Orienteering was first. The group was split into two and they were each given two maps, paper and a marker. The objective was to find all the pages with riddles and figure out the riddle on the pages. They were spread out all across Killiney Hill. The groups had one hour to finish it.

Rock climbing was next. Safety first so students had to harness up and put on helmets. The climbing was in Dalkey Quarry. They had to climb up the rocks while the group held their rope and kept no slack on the line. 

The abseiling was last. The abseiling was set up over a cliff. The group were harnessed up again and told to stand over the cliffs with their heels hanging over and sit back in their harness. They would then scale down the cliff slowly but surely.

It was a great day's activity for our TYs to enjoy pushing their boundaries and to enjoy the great views of the city from the quarry.

Report by Rhys Fitzpatrick (Transition Year)

Photographs by Ellie Hall (Transition Year)


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