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Transition Year Trip to Causey Farm 2023

Last Friday, September 15th, the Transition Year group took the exciting annual trip to Causey Farm in County Meath, a place famous for its bog jumping and farm animals amongst various other attractions.

Although it was a very rainy day, the TYs enjoyed a variety of different aspects of the farm, arriving at 10:40 and staying until 14:40.

The year was split into groups, each shown around by a guide who led the students through the activities enthusiastically. To begin with, the Transition Years enjoyed some traditional céilí dancing, a fun way to start off the trip. The groups were taught an age old Irish dance which they performed to some great traditional music.

Some groups explored a spooky mirrored maze and a haunted house set up in Causey Farm for their Halloween Farmphobia event. The groups also took part in some bread making where they made traditional Irish soda bread. The bread was baked and given to the students at the end of the day where they were then finally able to taste what they had made or bring it home.

Seeing as it is a working farm, there were many animals that theTYs were able to meet during their stay in Causey Farm. Some energetic alpacas, pigs, goats and even bunnies were met along the way, both outside and inside. The students were able to feed and interact with the animals, which certainly made for an entertaining time. After meeting the animals, the students were able to explore the so-called ‘Mine Shafts,’ a series of dark tunnels you could crawl through- if you were brave enough!

After a great day of fun activities it was finally time for the main event- bog jumping. A tractor and trailer brought the students down a winding country road. The TYs enjoyed several fun-filled minutes jumping in (and dragging themselves out of) the large, muddy bog; a very memorable experience and one that definitely made the trip worth it.

After changing into some new clothes following the bog jumping the TYs were brought back to the school. It is safe to say the whole year enjoyed a fun-filled trip that created some unforgettable memories for everyone involved. Transition Year 2023 is certainly off to a great start!

Report by Caitlin Hanrahan (4th Year)

Photography by Aragorn Gregory (4th Year)


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