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2nd Year Space Dome Workshop 2023

On Tuesday the 3rd of October our second years had their Space Dome workshop, led by Micheal from the Exploration Dome team. The workshop took place in the sports arena and it went on for the full day. The second years were divided into their base classes, with each class getting one hour inside the Space Dome, which was an inflatable dome that contained a 360 degree projector that displayed onto the dome.

The students learned about the Earth, Space and our Solar System from Micheal before watching a video entitled We Are Aliens; which answers the question: Could there be life on other planets?

After the presentation there were great questions from the second year students. Everyone enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot more about the world we live in.

Report by Oisin O’Sullivan (4th Year)

Photographs by Sean Slowey (4th Year)


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