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5th Year Dietician and Healthy Eating Workshop

On Wednesday 13/09/23, during first period, a specialist dietician Gillian McConnell talked to our 5th years in the dining area.

Gillian McConnell talked to the 5th years about sports nutrition, nourishing the brain, focusing during study and a balanced diet. She talked about the importance of wellbeing. Our 5th years were then asked questions, such as “Who is a vegetarian and vegan?” Followed up by Gillian telling them how important it is to make sure you are getting enough iron in your diet. Gillian then asked the question, ”Who drinks coffee here?” The 5th years were then informed that their intake of caffeine should be around 100 milligrams but one cup of coffee is 400 milligrams.

Sleep was also highlighted along with the recommended water intake to ensure that they would stay more hydrated and awake during the day. Everyone found it very educational. At the end she gave them all a sheet of paper with a summary of her talk.

Report by Sarah Duff (4th Year)

Photographs by Maisie Grey (4th Year)


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