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6th Year UCD Talk - December '23

On Tuesday the 5th of December, our school hosted a talk by UCD in our dining hall for our current 6th years. The event began as our Guidance Counsellor, Jim Fox, greeted everyone and welcomed the host of the talk, Sally Anne.

A video was played as an introduction, and afterwards the host discussed numerous topics. Among these was how to get into UCD, the courses available, the modules they provide, the UCD student experience and the facilities on campus. The topic of why to go to UCD was also brought up, followed by a discussion of some of their courses, such as Engineering, Economics, and Veterinary Medicine/Nursing. Videos were played which talked about other courses and the presentation finished with a slide showing what upcoming events were available for our 6th year students to attend.

The event was then ended with a question and answer session, in which our students asked many thought provoking questions about the points system, life on campus and the courses they provided. Students also approached her at the end of the presentation to ask questions privately, which really shows how interested our student body was in the college discussion.

The 6th Years happily returned to their classes with newfound knowledge on a potential college for after secondary school. Thanks to UCD and the Guidence Department for organising this talk.

Report by Harry Molloy (4th Year)

Photographs by Rhiannon Murphy (4th Year)


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