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Chalkdust 2023/23

We're delighted to present the student led annual publication 'Chalkdust'.

This magazine is the culmination of a year's work for our committed Transition Year Media Team. The teams consists of reporter and photographers, who go to each and every match and event in the school, and a general editor (Anna Cleary) editors in arts (Abigail Doyle), ethos (Dearbhla Browne), sports (Nathan Donlon, photography (John O'Neill).

The committee also comprises of a dedicated social media and website team consisting of a social media editor (Alana Murray) and three two media wizards, Maisie Harte and Ellen Roche. Many of the articles that you have seen on this website this year were produced entirely by the students.

Of course, without a design team, the magazine would not have come together at all so special thanks to Cathal Murphy, Zoe Walshe, Maria Whelton de Brí and Lucy Flaherty for taking on the mammoth task of learning industry standard software and designing and publishing two amazing editions this year.

You can download your digital copy of the magazine by clicking on the following link:

Chalkdust 22-23 Digital Version
Download PDF • 11.12MB


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