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Climate Action Week: Green Schools Book Sale and Clothes Swap - Jan. '24

During Climate Action Week, there was a book and clothes sale that took place every lunchtime. The book sale took place everyday. The head of Green Schools, Sofia McDarby, led a team of members of the committee. They chose a wide selection of books from the library that would otherwise be thrown out or discarded, and sold them to raise funds for charity and for Green Schools initiatives.

On Friday, a clothes swap took place as well as the book sale. Students were able to bring in items of clothing, and swap them for something else that someone else had brought in. If a student did not have a piece of clothing to swap, they were able to purchase the clothes, to a maximum value of 5 euro. 

Both these initiatives were really successful, and they encouraged students to start thinking about the impact of climate change in their daily lives and about the circular economy. A huge well done to Sofia and her team for pioneering change in our school, and organising these impactful events.

Report by Kate MacAdam (4th Year)

Photographs by Lucy Coyle (4th Year)


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