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Ethos Team Term Summary - Spring '24

Ethos Team Thrives in St. David's Holy Faith Secondary School, Greystones greetings from the St David's Holy Faith Secondary School, Greystones community! It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we share the remarkable activities organised by our dedicated Ethos Team. All term our students and staff have come together to celebrate various occasions, fostering a sense of unity, gratitude, and understanding.

Catholic Schools Week and the Theme of Service:

The Ethos Team took the lead in commemorating Catholic Schools Week, emphasising the theme of service. The school foyer was transformed into a visual feast, thanks to the creative efforts of the Transition Year Ethos Team. Their display captured the essence of service, showcasing the importance of giving back to the community.

Ecumenism in Action:

In a spirit of ecumenism, the Ethos Team organised visits to local Presbyterian and Evangelical churches. These visits served as opportunities for students to engage with different faith communities, fostering mutual respect and understanding. It was a powerful experience that highlighted the unity within our diverse community.

Marking Special Occasions:

The Ethos Team ensured that important dates on the calendar were not overlooked. St. Brigid's Day, St. David's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and the beginning of Lent were all marked with events and activities that brought the school community together in reflection and celebration.

Le Chéile Day: Gratitude in Focus:

A highlight of the term was Le Chéile Day, centred around the theme of gratitude. The foyer hosted a gratitude tree where students could express what they were thankful for in their lives. Additionally, a display based on teacher surveys revealed what educators are grateful for in their students. Fifth-year students, Alannah and Sorcha, spearheaded a project distributing gratitude envelopes containing heartfelt notes from students to teachers. A school assembly emphasised the positive impact of gratitude on well-being and community spirit.

The week-long celebration was a testament to the Ethos Team's commitment to creating a

positive and inclusive school environment. As we look forward to Easter, the enthusiasm

continues with the anticipation of the wonderful Seachtain na Gaeilge, organised by the Gaeilge

Department. St. David'

s Holy Faith Secondary School is truly a place where students and staff

come together to celebrate, learn and grow. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has

helped to make it possible. Here's to the spirit of unity and gratitude that defines St. David's!


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