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IMRO Music Workshop

On the 8th of March, the Junior Cycle music students got to participate in a songwriting workshop by IMRO. IMRO is the Irish Music Rights Organization, and they represent Irish artists and their rights when it comes to songs and songwriting.

During the course of the day, the students learned how to compose a song, the final product being a song that every student worked on together. The song was called ‘Lost in the summertime’. There were a variety of different instruments being used, and each student really showcased their talents. Piano, guitars, drums and singing can be heard throughout the song, and it was a really impressive display of talent.

Afterwards, the students got to partake in a Q&A with an up and coming artist. She talked about how she became a musician, the instruments she played, her thought process in writing songs, and how she is releasing a new album. It was a very insightful discussion, as many of the music students would like to become artists in the future. It was a really interesting day for everyone involved, and all of the students definitely learned something new.

Thank you to IMRO for coming in and facilitating a really exciting day, and for equipping our junior cycle music students with valuable tools, which will definitely help them now and in the future. 

Report By: Kate Macadam

Photographs By: Poppy Mullally


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