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Junior Girls GAA Match Against Creagh College

St. David's junior girls GAA team headed down to Creagh College on Monday in Gorey Co. Wexford .

After a quick warm up and team talk the girls were ready to play .

The first half of the match kicked off at 10:50am and was tough for the Davids girls as the Creagh college girls started off strong .

By half time the score was in favour of Creagh College with a score of 9-10 vs St. Davids at 0-0 .

During half time the girls had some words of encouragement from Mr Geoghegan and were ready for the second half of the match with spirits remaining high.

During the second half the girls were able to strengthen their team and scored 3-3.

Despite the Davids girls brilliant efforts Creagh college had the overall win scoring 16-16 by the final whistle at 11:50am.

Commiserations to the Davids junior girls team and well done to Creagh College on their win .

A special mention to Sarah Duff and Niamh Kelly for a great game and well done to starplayer Ella Andrews .


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