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Legally Blonde 2023

Our first ever TY Musical "Legally Blonde" took to the stage on the 22nd-24th of March following months of hard and dedicated work and it did not disappoint!

After months of rehearsals and weeks of singing and dancing all day long, our Transition Year Musical 2023 was ready to take to the stage. Situated in our Sports Arena, our was stage was looking quite bare up until the final week of preparation. Some might say it was the most stressful week of their lives but watching the show come together made it all worth it. As the backdrop was built in, the sets became completed and ready for use, costumes started being worn and lighting and sound was fitted, it came to life!

Following the story of young protagonist, Elle Woods- an almost real life pink Barbie Doll from Malibu- as she navigates her way through Harvard Law School in the name of love, we saw our fantastic TY's take on the job of actors, actresses, singers and dancers as though they had been preparing for this moment all their lives. Whether it was on stage performing, moving the sets on and off in a frenzy, or working backstage on make-up and microphones, we have never seen our TY's immerse themselves in something as much as this.

While our students certainly deserve praise, we cant forget about our wonderful staff who made it all possible! Without Ms Murphy, Ms Aylmer, Ms wilson, Ms Cronly, Ms Richardson, Ms Matthews, Ms Kestell and Ms Ward (as well as many more members of staff)'s tireless work, this Musical wouldn't have been possible.

Full of laughter, tears, joy and shock, it sure was a Musical to remember.


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