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Presentation Day 2022

Presentation Day 2022, held on September 23rd, was a special one for us at St. David's!

Presentation Day has always been a very special day within our school but this year in particular it was that bit more exciting. On Friday, the 23rd of September, we as a school community, had our first Presentation Day in 3 years! Unfortunately, we have not been able to hold a Presentation Day these past 3 years due to Covid restrictions and the ongoing building taking place in our school. It was also our first Presentation Day in our brand new Sports Arena. It was a very important day, making history within our school.

The ceremony began with some words and welcome from our principal, Mr. Carey. He introduced us to two very special guests, Sister Brenda and Sister Anne, from the Holy Faith Sisters who founded our school back in 1906. He then introduced our school's choir who performed a beautiful opening song, their second ever whole school performance.

We then had some words from our deputy principal, Ms. O’Sullivan and also some words from our Head Boy and Head Girl, Michael and Aoife, on behalf of the student body.

Firstly, our sports coordinator, Mr. Dunne introduced all of our brand new sports jerseys, including: rugby, soccer, GAA, basketball and athletics. We had all our sponsors present and they all received a certificate, thanking them.

Thank you to our jersey models, who consisted of students across all year groups.

Ms. Wilson, our Arts Coordinator, then introduced us to the arts awards, which celebrated students who took part in after school clubs last academic year, for example, debating club, music club, ukulele club and many more as well as artistic events in the school.

Mr. Ryan, the TY Year Head, then gave out many awards in different categories to 5th year students who took part in committees and teams last academic year, when they were in TY, for example, Media committee, Amber Flag committee, Gaisce, Green Schools committee and many more.

After that, Mr. Dunne, our sports coordinator, invited all of the sports coaches to the stage to give out awards in their specific sports. There were “Most Improved Player” and “Player of the Year” awards in rugby, soccer, tennis, GAA football, hurling/camogie and athletics.

Finally, Mr. Carey wrapped up the ceremony with some moving words. Lastly we had our choir perform a final song for the whole school.

Overall, it was a great day and left a very happy and positive atmosphere in the school afterwards.


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