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St David's and St Brigid's Come Together to Honour Margaret Aylward

On Tuesday the 10th of October, St David’s and St Brigid's came together for a great performance of the song for Margaret Aylward. First years from St David’s took the short journey over to St Brigid’s to fulfil an ongoing tradition where alumni, now attending St David's, return to St Brigid's one last time to sing with the 6th class students for Margaret Aylward Day.

The students were accompanied over to St Brigid’s by Ms Woods. Mr Dodd from St Brigid's told all of the students about Margaret Aylward and all the amazing things she has done and then he played the guitar as the students sang the song. They were singing this song to honour her as it states in the song ‘Margaret Aylward, woman of faith. We honour you today.’

One of our Deputy Principals, Ms O'Sullivan and also the principal of St Brigid's, Ms Costello, enjoyed the performance as well. This was a lovely occasion for the students to come together and sing in the sunny weather and as Mr Dodd said ‘It's nice having them back and making that connection through the schools’.

You can check out the video below!

Photographs by Ben Roth (4th Year)

Report by Rhiannon Murphy (4th Year)


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