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Teachers vs 6th Year Soccer Match 2024

On the 10th of May, after sports day the 6th year and teacher football teams set off from Éire Óg to Greystones United. You could feel the tension in the clubhouse as both teams prepared for their big game. After a quick warm up both teams were lined up ready to go. The teachers were in control of the first half, there were numerous occasions where the 6th years were lucky to have survived. Towards the end of the first half, the 'Deadly Dunne' (Mr Dunne) took a ferocious free kick in which the 6th year goalie was lucky enough to save.

The game changed at half time with Mr Hassett having to leave as it was past his bedtime. The 6th Years got a lucky breaking ball which was put into the back of the next by the offside Alex Baines who was so far offside that the referee claimed he made a mistake at the end that the goal shouldn't have stood. The teachers battled back bravely and heroically but once again were unlucky with numerous shots. The game was then settled with another goal against the run of play when Jack Carey's deflected shot made his way past Mr Brady.

The full-time whistle blew with the final score being 2-0 to the 6th Years. It was great game overall but some people are still not over the loss!

Report by Mr Dunne and Lauren O' Leary

Photographs by Ellie Hall