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The TY Addams Family Musical

After 6 months of hard work and dedication, the TY musical has finally come to a close. This year, the TYs performed ‘The Addams Family’ , a new musical comedy written by Andrew Lippa. The musical follows the lives of the Addams family over the course of a night, when it collides with a ‘normal’ family called the Beinekes, the son of which Wednesday wants to marry. She insists that the families meet and have dinner together, which leads to an interesting night filled with drama and plot twists. It was an amazing show filled with singing and dancing, and the standard of performance and talent was outstanding.

The cast consisted of 10 leads and 37 ancestors, who all performed amazingly, and the hard work they put in was clearly evident in the performances, you can tell that everyone poured their heart and soul into every bit of the show. The crowd was electric each and every night and they were clapping along to fan favourites, such as ‘When you're an Addams’ and ‘Just around the corner’. Every single TY student had a huge part in the production of this amazing show, this included the amazing cast on stage, the wonderful side stage crews who helped move sets on and off throughout the show, the costume and makeup crew, the programme and set design crews, the ushers who worked bringing people to their seats and the bathrooms, the students who ran the tuck shop and raffle and everyone else who helped with the musical running smoothly.

The musical wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of  Ms.Cronly, our director, Ms.Murphy, our music director, Ms.Carey, our stage manager, Mr.Short, who ran the business side of the show, Ms.Richardson, who helped during rehearsals and on the nights of the show backstage, Ms.Aylmer, who designed the programme, Mr.Noonan, who helped during rehearsals and on the nights of the show backstage, our talented choreographer, Alan McGrath who gave the Transition Years dynamic dance numbers and all the sound and lighting people who made this show possible. The musical was an amazing experience for everyone involved and brought the entire year closer together. This was an unforgettable experience that these Transition Years will never forget and the memories will stick with them for a long time.

Report By: Kate Macadam

Photographs By: Ben Roth


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