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Tomi Reichental- Holocaust Survivor Visit

In the early afternoon of Thursday, 10th of November, the whole school community was blessed by the presence of Mr. Tomi Reichental, one of Ireland's few Holocaust Survivors, as he shared his memories and experiences with us in his first big, in-person talk since Covid-19.

An amazing opportunity for our whole staff and student body was presented to us on Thursday, 10th of November as we received a visit from Tomi Reichental. Our whole school community gathered together in our Sports Arena, where we sat and listened to the stories told by Mr Reichental for a 2 hour period. All of our students were excellent, despite the heavy content, and Tomi was giben utmost respect as everyone's minds were transformed with his tales of the horrors he faced and witnessed during his time in a concentration camp.

Mr. Reichental spoke to us about how he, his mother, and his grandmother wre caught attemping to flee former Czechoslovakia and sent to Bergen Belson, a Nazi controlled concentration camp in Northern Germany and what the horrid conditions were like. He explained the discrimination he had felt all his life for being Jewish and how the overcrowded camp led to disease and being surrounded by death. He taught our students how hs childhood greatly differed from theirs; "We used to play hide and seek a lot... but we didn't hide behind trees, we hid behind piles of dead bodies".

Tomi even brought in photos he had from when the camp was finally liberated, concluding the talk with questions and thank you's. Overall, this was a once-in-a-lifetime and eye-opening experience for everyone present and we wish Mr Reichental all the best!


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