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TY Forensics Fun Workshop

Us TYs took part in a forensic fun workshop yesterday based on the assassination of JFK .

We were immediately put to a challenge where we played a board game based around the different locations of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin and officer J.D Tippit .

After we finished the game we moved to different stations around the room where we learned more about the evidence surrounding the case .

We looked at fingerprints , autopsy reports, ballistics GSR testing and more .

Using all the new information we learned, we got to then decide who we believe killed JFK .

The stations also included different interactive aspects such as a chance to take your own fingerprints, test your hands for gunpowder, a video taken of JFKs assassination and a chance to recreate a famous photo of Lee Harvey Oswald in his back garden.

This was a fascinating workshop and definitely one of the highlights of TY!


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