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TY Glendalough Trip

On Tuesday the fifth of September 138 TY students set off towards Glendalough for their first trip of the year. Everyone was buzzing and had already begun to tuck into the caches of sugar by the time the bus pulled away from the school. About twenty minutes into the journey the bus began to slow down and eventually stopped outside the old Djouce Golf Club. News eventually made it down the bus that we had broken down. Two new buses arrived and all parties eventually made it to Glendalough.

We stopped for a quick break and then embarked on the Spinc trail. Morale was high and conversation was in full swing. In no time at all the group had reached the top of the hill revealing a breathtaking view of the lake below. On the way down we passed Poulanass waterfall and arrived back at the tourism centre soon after.

Back in the carpark everyone got the chance to reward themselves with a well deserved 99’ from the ice cream vans. In the end the hike came in at about thirteen kilometers and roughly took about 4 hours. The hike was a great experience and everybody really enjoyed themselves. It was a great chance for the 4th Years to bond with their year group while engaging in a bit of physical wellbeing.

Report by Daeglán O' Neill (4th Year)

Photographs by Ben Roth (4th Year)


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