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TY Musical Auditions 2023 - The Addams Family

St.David's Holy Faith Secondary School presents the musical comedy ‘The Addams Family musical’ starring the Transition Year students. The show is coming to St David's for three days from the 28th of February to the 1st of March 2024.

Auditions were held on Wednesday the 30th of August after school in the music room and students were asked to prepare one of two song options for the boys and girls. Students then got callbacks which were held the following week where students were called back to audition for certain characters, these auditions consisted of an acting and singing round. The show cast was then announced last Friday the 8th of September. Rehearsals started on Monday the 11th where the whole cast got together and listened to the opening song of the show, ‘When You're An Addams’. The whole cast is very excited to start rehearsing and then perform the show, we hope to see you at it!

We can now share with you that the leads are Ultan Moran as Gomez, Kate Macadam as Morticia, Sofia McDarby as Wednesday, Rían O’Gorman as Pugsley, Travis O’Farrell as Fester, Holly Sheehy as Grandma and Joe Ferguson as Lurch which make up the Addams family. We then have Fionn Ryan as Mal, Isobel Creane as Alice and Miguel Ramírez McMahon as Lucas, all of whom make up the Beineke family.

Report by Finn Morris (4th Year)

Photographs by Mr Ryan


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