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TY Team Building With GoBeyond Events

On the 17th of October the TY students took part in a series of team building activities with GoBeyond Events. The TYs were split into two groups, 4C, 4D and half of 4E, and 4A, 4B and the other half of 4E. The first group set off to Éire Óg at 8:30 and got back to school in time for the last two periods of the day. The second group left for Éire Óg at 11:30 and were finished by the end of the school day.

Once the groups arrived they were split into four smaller groups. These groups were then split in half, each half going head to head in the challenges. There were six challenges the TYs had to complete, the group with the highest score/most wins were rewarded with a delicious box of heroes. The challenges consisted of Toxic Swamp, Blind Barrows, Mind Field, Giant Skis, Gutter Ball and Towers of Hanoi, each challenge needing ultimate teamwork to complete. These challenges contained mind games, such as remembering a difficult pattern to more physical challenges such as having to move wooden skis with 5 people on them.

Overall the TYs had a wonderful day out, enjoyed by all where they had the chance to work with those they may have not worked with before, as well as testing themselves mentally.


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