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U16 Girls Basketball Match - December '23

On Thursday December 14th, our junior girls basketball team played against Avondale. It was a well played match with a strong demonstration of teamwork.  

  The opening basket was scored by Stella Doyle in the first quarter, followed by Jenny Keogh, Sarah McCloskey and Grace McDermott, each scoring a basket points. By the end of the first quarter it was eight - two to David's. 

  In the second quarter two of Avondale's players scored a basket each, leaving the overall score as 8-6 to David's. 

  Some amazing shots were made in the third quarter, with Jenny Keogh scoring a basket and a three pointer was scored by Racquel Vegara Bouso. The final basket was scored by Stella Doyle in the third quarter leaving the overall points at 17-12 to David's.

  In the final quarter our victory was only further secured by Ella Tidd scoring the last two points. 

  A brilliant match played by both teams, with the final scores being 19 points to David's and 14 points to Avondale.

Report by Molly Mooney (4th Year)

Photographs by Ellie Hall (4th Year)


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