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6th Year Biology Trip

Each year, our 6th Year biology classes go on a trip to Glendalough for a day, where they enjoy a break from the classrooms while still learning and immersing themselves in nature.

On Thursday, 29th of September, our LC biology students set off bright and early to Glendalough with their teachers, Mr. Crampton and Ms. Cavey.

Once they arrived, Mr Crampton and Ms Cavey’s classes made their way to the Upper Lake where a memorable group picture was taken of them in front of the breathtaking landscape. They then walked up to the ‘Bolger’s Cottage’ Education Centre and were able to view many taxidermy figures of the wildlife from Ireland’s natural habitat. The sixth years then split up into four groups of approximately nine each, to learn in detail about about the ecology of Glendalough from the well-educated tour guides. In their different groups they used randomly placed quadrats and flag poles to survey the varied types of nature in the area including mammals, invertebrates and plantlife.

Proceedingly the students and teachers gathered back from their groups to eat lunch and prepare to head home. After four and a half hours learning more about Ireland’s nature, everyone made their way back to the bus to head home after a successful trip.


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